Scenes from the Solverse is a collection of 8888 NFTs or “scenes” from every corner of the infinity metaverse. 8 replicas of each of the 1111 original pieces of art exist to reflect the 8 potential timelines.

A world is unfolding...

We are the first collect & merge collection to unlock animated NFTs.

There are currently 1111 one-of-a-kind animations that may be unlocked by merging two Infinity Labs NFT copies, or "timelines."

Over time, you will be able to gather and combine all 8 copies of the same scene, until there exists a single 1111-piece timeline as determined by you, the community.

SiriusXM Podcast with Randi Zuckerberg & Infinity Labs

Listen to one of our founders, Eve, in her Crypto Café Podcast with Randi Zuckerberg.

They discuss starting Infinity Labs in the midst of a pandemic after receiving a rare cancer diagnosis, escaping reality, why Solana, and other topics.

Infinity Builder Community + Infinity Grants: Create & Collaborate

If you’re a creator or builder, this one’s for you.

The Infinity Labs community is full of extraordinarily talented individuals. So, we built a hub for creators and those who wish to build within the Infinity Labs Universe.

You are welcome in the Infinity Builder Community whether you're an artist, developer, gamer, events coordinator, writer, educator, enthusiast, creative/builder of any type, or you're just wanting to support or learn.

Additionally, we introduced $1k grants for people that want to develop in our ecosystem.

Join us as we forever etch this world onto the blockchain. We are infinite.


Verified scenes are listed on major marketplaces on Solana.

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Infinity Labs in Tokyo 🇯🇵
Infinity Labs in Tokyo 🇯🇵
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Infinity Labs in Times Square 🗽
Infinity Labs Featured on Opensea Front Page
Infinity Labs Featured on Opensea Front Page