Scenes of the Solverse is a collection of 8888 NFTs or “scenes” from every corner of the metaverse. There are 1111 unique artworks and 8 copies of each, to represent 8 different possible timelines.

A story of the infinite is unfolding...

We are the first collect & merge collection to unlock animated NFTs.

Today, there are 1111 unique 1/1 animations that are unlockable after merging 2 copies or "timelines" of Infinity Labs NFTs.

Over time, you’ll be able to collect and merge together all 8 copies of the same scene to forge new and rarer realities, until there exists a single 1111-piece timeline as determined by you, the community.

Events are being spotted in the solverse... we'll soon be releasing a genesis story on where this world is going next.

This project is a labor of love.

Scenes of the Solverse was started when one of our founders was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer during the pandemic.

To escape their reality, they started dreaming up their own.

What you're seeing is the result of thousands of unique pieces, animations, and stories inspired from a mind dreaming of a beautiful new world. A mind dreaming of being infinite through the blockchain.

New to collecting Scenes of the Solverse? Check out this beginners guide written by a community member!

Join us as we forever etch this world onto the blockchain. We are infinite.


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