Merging FAQ

Welcome to first of its kind animated NFT merging, never before done on the chain. You're a part of history.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on merging. 2-timeline merging is now live! This is the first unlocked merging phase. Future merges will unlock more evolved animations, lore (Solverse Wiki with thousands of community stories coming soon), and some rare music & sounds.

Q: What scenes do I need to merge?
A: You need at least 2 NFTs of the same scene to merge (any two timelines of the same scene number). If you have individual scenes, you can check if your scene is listed across marketplaces using the Scene Sniper.

Q: Is there a deadline to merge my two scenes?

A: No, there is no deadline! Though we have a couple special things for first mergers ✨ We will take into account time differences!

Q: After I select my NFTs to merge on the website, do I need to do anything to get my merged scene?

A: Nope! After you confirm your two-timeline selection, your new animated scene will be forged. Once forged, it will automatically be sent to your wallet!

Q: What gets changed in this first stage of merging?
A: After merging your two timelines, the NFT visual will update to the first iteration of the 1111 unique 1/1 animations for that scene. You can view it from your wallet or on Solana explorer for a bigger view. The metadata will update: number of timelines merged will update to 2, and the NFT title will reflect that 2 timelines have been merged. The original un-animated scene is also still available in the metadata, and on!

Q: Where can I view the merged NFT?
A: You'll be able to see it directly from your phantom wallet, and solana explorer. Note that solscan doesn't support viewing video NFTs.

Q: If I have more than 2 timelines of the same scene or a full set, can I merge them right now? Will I be able to merge them again later?

A: Right now you can merge any number of pairs, and in the future you'll be able to merge them again! For example, if you have a full set of 8, you can technically make 4 pairs and merge them again later.

Q: How long does it take to recieve the NFT?
A: It will be sent to your wallet automatically. It can take up to a couple hours to travel all the way from the depths of the solverse (depending on Solana/Arweave network times!) ✨If you don't get your NFT, file a ticket with us in our discord or DM us on twitter @infinitylabsNFT!

Q: I saw that there's a Solverse Wiki being created, where can I submit lore for my scene or a favorite scene?

A: You can submit lore for our team and lore masters to review here!

Q: Can you help me find my scene across marketplaces?
Absolutely! Check out this incredible Scene Sniper tool where you can search for ALL listings for specific Infinity Labs scenes across marketplaces, and find all the timeline sets currently for sale on secondary: 

Q: If my scene isn't listed on a marketplace, can I make an offer for it?
A: Yes! Currently Solanart, Magic Eden, Alpha.Art and Exchange.Art support making offers on unlisted scenes. More info on their pages respectively.

Q: I'm trying to merge my scene but it says "transaction error", what do I do?

A :If it's giving you a transaction error, this means that it is an error with the wallet and not our system. Make sure you have enough SOL to cover transaction fees. Sometimes it's a Phantom Wallet issue - for e.g if you're using Phantom Wallet, you have enough SOL to cover transaction fees, and you still get the transaction error, using a different Solana Wallet like Solflare will solve the issue!

Q: My question is not on this site, who can I contact?
A: Feel free to DM the team on twitter @infinitylabsNFT, or message the community on discord!