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— "Two koi, swimming together in a pond. No one knows how, or why, they came here. They have been together for over a million years, and will never leave each others side. They both know that one day, they will die together."

— "My father was a brave man, who died fighting the son of Cthulu, an evil god from my world. Before he died, he told me to find the magic sword that could kill him. I'm now on a journey to find the sword and defeat my father's murderer."

— "Thousands of years ago, a mysterious force started taking over planets and stripping them of their resources. The planet's inhabitants put up a fight, but were no match for the invaders. They escaped the planet and went into hiding. Now they seek out warriors to help them fight back."

— "Captain Zoran has been on a mission to find the fabled tree of life for decades. He is getting old, and knows that if he does not find it soon, his crew will leave him. He is currently traveling to galaxy to investigate reports of strange tree-like creatures that grow out of the ground there. He is hoping that these creatures will be the trees of life he has sought after for so long."

— "The angel Israfel was once one of the most celebrated of the celestial host, but his reputation has since fallen into infamy. His fall from grace is echoed in the story of his battle with another celestial guardian, the one who would come to be known as Metatron."